September 19, 2022

5 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Hotel Management System

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


When it comes to running your hotel, efficiency is key. Cloud computing goes beyond using your property’s local storage on your computer systems to offer a streamlined approach to managing your hotel(s). Utilizing a cloud-based hotel management system can lead your business to operational excellence. Read on for the top benefits of transitioning to the cloud for your hotel management needs.  


1. Reduce Costs

A dedicated IT department to oversee your management software can get expensive. You may also require multiple servers and potentially require your team to jump from assisting guests at the front desk to managing your hotel using multiple, non-integrated software applications.

With cloud-based software, upgrades and routine maintenance can be taken care of by a third-party hosting provider, allowing you to focus your efforts— and budget— on reaching your business goals. A client-first software provider will offer around-the-clock customer support so you can get the help you need when you need it.


2. Enhance the Guest Experience

Waiting in long lines at the front desk or on the phone for service can be a frustrating experience. A guest portal within your hotel management software can alleviate the wait by allowing for self-service check-in, check-out, and online payment options. 

A guest portal may also allow your customers to contact your staff directly through SMS messaging for a convenient line of communication, allowing them to get the information they need from any device with an internet connection. An online portal is an essential component of a modern hotel management system because it puts guests first by giving them control over their reservations.   


3. Increase Security

Storing private data on your local network or computer can pose serious security risks — including data loss— if your internal system becomes the victim of malware or other cybersecurity threats. Storing your private data in the cloud means your data is safe even if your internal network suffers from downtime or is compromised.

It’s crucial to review security considerations for your hotel management software because the right solution should protect your data, utilize encrypted connections, and provide regular backups. 


4. Streamline Operations With Automation

Streamlining your operations is simplified with automation. From dynamic pricing that automatically adjusts your rates based on current occupancy guidelines to automated marketing emails, the right cloud-based hotel management system provides flexibility with efficient processes designed for hoteliers. 

Integrations can seamlessly connect your favorite tools all in one place, allowing you to switch from accounting tools to channel managers without skipping a beat. 

Some popular integrations that may be available with your robust management software include:

  • Google Hotel Ads
  • Guestfolio
  • Airbnb
  • DPS Solutions
  • And Many More

5. Access to Real-Time Data

Gain insights into your data with a powerful reporting module within your cloud-based platform. A reporting feature may show you bookings in real time so you can adjust your marketing efforts to maximize reservations. 

You’ll also have access— and control who else has access—  to reports that can show your booking highs and lows, guest experience details, and beyond. A robust reporting module will have over 200 insightful metrics you can use to create custom reports to drive data-backed decisions. These personalized reports may be able to be automatically sent to your inbox.  


A Cloud-Based All-in-One Solution

A cloud-based hotel management system can offer an added layer of security, valuable data insights, and a streamlined approach to managing your property without sacrificing the guest experience. 

Ready to take your hotel to the next level? Download our guide on how to achieve operational excellence with the right property management system. 

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