January 20, 2023

3 Ways To Maximize Revenue With a Booking Engine for Hotels

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


You are missing out on revenue if you don’t have an effective, comprehensive, branded direct booking engine on your website. Whether you are not yet using hotel management software, it doesn’t include a complete direct booking engine, or the one you have is inefficient, now is the time to upgrade. 

The right booking engine for hotels will help you improve efficiency and productivity, provide better guest service, and offer better data management and reporting. 

Most importantly, the right booking engine will help you maximize revenue. 

Let’s look at three ways to boost your revenue with an online booking system integrated with your property management system (PMS).


How Your Hotel Booking Engine Can Maximize Revenue


1. Website Integration Can Increase Direct Bookings

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are often used to improve visibility and increase reservations; however, the fees charged affect your profitability. OTAs may remain in your arsenal of tools, but when guests book directly on your website, you avoid paying those fees and commissions. A prominent “Book Now” button on your website can increase direct bookings, even for those guests who start on an OTA and then head to your website for more information. 

Unfortunately, some hotel reservation system vendors offer internal booking systems that don’t integrate well with hotel websites — and those systems could be holding you back

Instead, a solution that provides a seamless reservation experience maximizes revenue through increased direct bookings.

When guests arrive on your website, they expect a professional, mobile-friendly, on-brand look and feel as they browse your accommodations, amenities, activities, packages, and other features. When they transition to the booking process, this same positive experience should be replicated. A professional, branded, intuitive checkout experience leads to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.


2. Real-Time Data Can Minimize Errors

When your booking engine is synced across all channels, you can eliminate the risk of overbooking. When rooms are booked, the information is entered automatically into your reservation system regardless of what channel your guests use to make their reservations. The right hotel booking engine means your website will always display accurate availability and rates.

Dynamic Pricing

A dynamic pricing tool is one of the top features of an all-in-one hotel PMS, and it benefits both your guests and hotel management. Your guests will see the reservation rates they are supposed to see regardless of when they book. For room rate management hotel management, a dynamic pricing tool relieves your staff from tedious manual rate updates. For example, pricing rules can be set based on occupancy levels, seasons, or holidays.

Staff Portal

Your front desk staff can access their portal to view booking updates when helping guests in person, over the phone, or online. Since these updates are in real time, guests will receive accurate information no matter their chosen communication channel.


3. Booking Engine Integrations Promote the Ultimate Guest Experience

Offering direct booking on your website will also help provide your guests with a positive experience. The ability to upsell or cross-sell personalized amenities and services throughout the booking process enables guests to see what is available and have more control over their stay. Combining options for additional purchases with a loyalty and rewards program can make an ultimate guest experience that is genuinely share-worthy. 

An amazing experience will lead to word-of-mouth advertising when your guests are compelled to share how much they loved your hotel. Here are some statistics about the power of word-of-mouth recommendations:

  • Millennials are 38% more likely to discover brands through family and friend recommendations
  • 26% of people avoid a brand when they hear about negative experiences
  • Word-of-mouth can deliver five times the sales of paid advertising


Achieve Operational Excellence

The right hotel management system will include a powerful direct booking engine and other valuable features to help you maximize revenue, improve the guest experience, and achieve the ultimate goal: operational excellence.

Today’s advanced technology can give you a competitive edge, and this is the right time to leverage everything it has to offer.

Download our free Operational Excellence ebook today to learn how to save time and money while achieving operational excellence. This valuable resource will demonstrate how a PMS can help you work smarter and make running your business easier. 

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