December 5, 2022

6 Ways To Automate Operations With Hotel Management Software

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


With hotels around the world utilizing the latest in technology, manual daily operational task management will soon be obsolete. To keep your hotel up to par, you can automate operations using cloud-based hotel management software that is both flexible and innovative. Below, we’ll discuss the six ways you can automate tasks — and why it’s the right call for managing your hotel(s).


Benefits of Hotel Management Automation

Automation software has the ability to transform how your hotel operates from the ground up. 

Automating processes and tasks at your hotel can:

  • Increase staff productivity
  • Maximize bookings
  • Improve the guest experience
  • Utilize hospitality technology trends

Automation helps keep the moving parts of hotel operations organized and efficient without compromising the guest experience.


Ways To Automate Operations With Hotel Management Software

The right hotel management system can help you automate your processes — all from a single, cloud-based platform. Top automation opportunities include:


1. Dynamic Pricing

To maximize revenue, a dynamic pricing tool can be set to automatically increase or decrease room rates based on occupancy, booking dates, promotional periods, and more. For example, you can set pricing guidelines within your hotel management software so that during a slow booking period, rates automatically decrease to encourage reservations and increase once you are near capacity. 


2. Online Booking

A direct booking engine should match the look and feel of your brand while maintaining functionality within your hotel reservation software. Guests should be able to book from your website from any device without the frustration of unresponsive buttons or inaccurate information.

A functional online booking system can — and should — be integrated within your hotel reservation software so that guests can only book available rooms — no matter if they are on your website or booking through an online travel agency (OTA).


3. Guest Check-In

Forget long lines at the front desk for check-in and check-out needs. To streamline the process, guests can check-in, make changes to their reservations, and check out from within a guest portal. You can customize the guest portal to improve the guest experience and allow guests to manage their reservations on their own terms. 

Mobile Keys

Guests can use their smartphones to access their rooms via a mobile key. Mobile keys — also called electronic locks — can be automatically assigned to guests so that they can enter their rooms as soon as they have checked in online. The best reservation software will have multiple mobile key integrations to choose from so you can make the choice that’s right for your hotel.


4. Guest Communications

Communication with guests can be tricky if you don’t have the tools to provide a personalized communication experience without the extra legwork. Triggered correspondence allows guests to instantly receive the information they need when they need it. 

For example, personalized thank you emails can be sent automatically when a guest has checked out of their room. With several email templates to choose from — or the ability to make your own template — you can thank your guest by name and offer them a promotional discount in exchange for a review. 


5. Channel Integrations

Integrated channel managers mean you can access and manage data across all of your properties, booking channels, and social media channels – and more — in one place. A channel manager should interact with your PMS so that your team will know when bookings, cancellations, and modifications are made in real-time. 


6. Reporting

A reporting feature allows you to pull data so you can track your business goal progress, discover what marketing strategies are most effective, and more. Hotel management software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can automate reporting so you can receive in-depth, customized reports on a set schedule. Gain insight and make data-driven decisions to grow your business with the power of real-time analytics.


A Cloud-Based All-in-One Solution

There are many hotel management software solutions out there, but not all of them have the tools and features you need to confidently automate daily operations and processes at your hotel. Our complimentary software guide offers:

  • Insights on what software features can help you meet business goals
  • How to streamline staff and guest communications
  • What to look for when choosing your hotel management system

Discover the joys of automation and delivering memorable guest experiences with the All-In-One Hotel Management Software Guide.

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