April 25, 2024

Product Release: Four Key Features to Boost Your Hotel Operations

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Backed by 40+ years of innovation, Solonis stands as a leading software provider, recognized globally for our cutting-edge property management and reservation solutions. Our dedicated team, bolstered by deep hospitality expertise, has crafted a platform that addresses the pivotal question every hotelier asks: How can technology elevate my property's profitability, guest experience, and modernity? 

Our latest product release once again delivers answers to these questions. Here are four standout features designed to enhance your hotel's operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. 

The newest features your hotel needs.

  1. Enhanced Guest Loyalty Programs: Introducing Loyalty by Nights, joining our existing Loyalty by Points program. Reward guests for each night they stay with you, tailoring your loyalty offerings to suit your hotel's unique needs. Both programs are customizable, allowing you to set sign-up credits, expiration rules, birthday rewards, and more. 
  2. Night Audit & Housekeeping Status Combined: Streamline your room status updates with this dual-function feature. Set rules for room clean status during the Night Audit, automating the transition of rooms from vacant-dirty to vacant-clean. This feature is a game-changer for reducing daily staff workload. 
  3. Guest Portal Enhancements: The Solonis Guest Portal now allows your guests to add guests to existing reservations effortlessly. Current reservation rules remain intact, and any charges will adjust accordingly. Plus, never miss an added guest with real-time Message Center notifications. 
  4. Flexible Cancellation Policies: Manage cancellations more efficiently with our enhanced cancellation policies. Set-up fee rules within your policies, eliminating the need to create manual charges for last-minute cancellations. Choose from flat fees, notice-based fees, or percentage fees to align with your hotel's policies. 

We're committed to continuous innovation and client-focused enhancements. Stay updated with our product update page for the latest features and integrations, including our recent partnerships with VRBO and RemoteLock

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Release Date: Mark your calendars for the evening of May 6th, North America time. 

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