Powerful Property Management Software Features

Streamline your operations with feature-rich software and 24/7 support built on a foundation of extensive hospitality experience.

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Smarter Tech for Streamlined Hospitality Management

Solonis is an all-in-one solution built with the native tools you need to lead your hotel, resort, vacation rental, or corporate housing to operational excellence.

From the front desk to the back office, Solonis provides staff and guest-centric features in a centralized property management solution.

Centralized Management

You can simplify the daily workload of your front desk team so they can focus on providing an exceptional guest experience with centralized operations.

You’ll notice a significant change in your staff’s productivity, guest reviews, and revenue when you consolidate and streamline your front desk processes.

Here’s how we offer the centralized front desk management you need to elevate your business.

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Solonis Staff Portal

Our Staff Portal streamlines communication between yourself, your staff, and your guests for cohesive operations and unforgettable guest experiences.

With our Staff Portal, your staff can:

Make managing daily tasks easier. Your staff can view assignments, make progress notes, and adjust task statuses for clear visibility into whether they are completed, in progress, clean, do not disturb, high priority, and more.

Inform employees of new assignments and specific requests. Your staff can add charges, view new and existing guest information, and share that information from any mobile smart device.

Instantly communicate with guests or other teams. Your staff can instantly communicate with guests and report any concerns, needs, or requests across your entire team.


Intuitive Housekeeping Software

Task Management 

With our all-in-one platform, your staff will gain a clear overview of responsibilities per assigned rooms. You can track and monitor the progress of all tasks and statuses of rooms within your property, or even view whether a room is prepared for check in through the housekeeping dashboard.

Prioritize Room Management 

Solonis equips your staff with the tools to receive and share guest arrival and departure details for streamlined guest services.


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Guest Experience Tools

Communicating with your guests in real time is vital to creating memorable guest experiences and generating repeat business. With our guest experience tools, you can give guests the control they desire when booking a reservation, maintain communication with them throughout their stay, and create individualized, digital experiences for each stage of their visitor journey.

We help you accomplish this with the following features of our PMS:

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Reservation Management Tools

With our innovative reservation management tools, manage all of your bookings, track availability, and access reservation information from a centralized dashboard with real-time, updated information.

Create an efficient experience for your staff and guests with our property management software features that enables easy access and sharing of important data.

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Internet Booking Engine

Our all-in-one platform transforms your website into your top-performing booking channel with our Internet Booking Engine. Empower guests with more control over their reservations to encourage direct bookings, reducing OTA fees as a result. You can also customize and optimize your website for direct bookings and upsells while fully synchronizing it with other Solonis features.

Solonis’ IBE enables guests to:

  • See your rooms in great detail from a calendar or interactive map
  • View room and site photos
  • Purchase add-ons
  • Look at your rates and promotions
  • Complete secure payments with our advanced cybersecurity


Native Channel Management

You can connect to every booking channel you need with the Solonis Channel Manager and say goodbye to third-party channel management tools.

  • Expand your reach and marketing with streamlined inventory distribution
  • Receive two-way integration with an open API
  • Connect to hundreds of channels and OTAs
  • Automate rates, rules, and availability updates across all properties in real-time
  • Sync bookings with our PMS in just seconds
  • Analyze and track OTA performance and metrics with robust reports

Check out all the OTAs we connect to.


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Business Scaling Tool

Multi-property Management 

Solonis is designed to meet all your property needs, including making multi-property management much easier. 

Whether you’re an owner of a single property or have multiple large scale-operations, Solonis allows you to access and manage all of your properties with one log-in — all from a single dashboard.

Hospitality Franchise

With advanced property grouping, management, and reporting capabilities within a single database, Solonis can manage an Enterprise database even if the properties belong to a Franchise Group.

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Contract Management

Our contract management tools allow you to stay organized with the ability to access and manage contracts with large groups or vendors. With Solonis, you can distribute and receive contracts between you and vendors or groups electronically for seamless contract management.

Solonis even gives you the ability to share contract details with multiple vendors, all from within the platform for a cohesive experience.

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Business Intelligence

You can make efficient data-driven decisions with native Business Intelligence tools designed for properties like yours.

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Reporting Insights 

  • Automated reporting (e.g., standard / ad hoc / exporting / property, chain, management company, ownership groups)
  • Secure, configurable, and up-to-date property reports
  • Preloaded templates or customize your own
  • Over 200+ automated reports you can generate and schedule

Data Security

  • Designate which users can view or adjust data in Solonis with Security Profiles
  • View changes to reservations, guest data, and more by viewing user activity in audit trails provided by data recorded in real time

Rate Management

Solonis optimizes rates to keep your pricing strategy competitive yet fair for guests with our platform’s rate management features. Ensure your rates, promotions, and packages are refined to entice customers, increase revenue, and improve your properties. 

Dynamic Pricing 

Our Dynamic Pricing tools adjust rates to ensure guest expectations are met and revenue is increased. Automatically list the right price at the right time to drive more bookings.

Dynamic Pricing with Solonis strategically monitors and responds to industry and seasonal fluctuations. It factors in special deals and promotions, dependencies, and restrictions based on YOUR set parameters.

Additionally, you can view and manage all your room rates conveniently with a single screen. Using scheduled and custom reporting, you can track rate and occupancy data and key metrics such as:

Occupancy Rate 

Rate Management Part 3 - RMS - The Hospitality Cloud

Revenue Management Tools

Our robust revenue management tools and integrations simplify your accounting, improve your business, increase your revenue, and prepare you for any upcoming expenses.

Solonis helps run your business with cutting-edge revenue management tools, including:

  • Payment management  with manual intervention capabilities
  • General Ledger (cashiering/folio management)
  • Owner Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable and other operation tools
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Solonis is a multi-dimensional, all-in-one platform designed to remove unnecessary systems and solve all your hospitality management needs from one location. Our unyielding focus to redefining how managers just like you run their business is part of what separates us from alternatives.

Request a demo with us today and see how our all-in-one platform and professional team of hospitality experts can help take your business to new heights.