The Solonis Internet Booking Engine

Increase your online bookings.

The Solonis Internet Booking Engine (IBE) makes it easy for your guests to book directly from your website.

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Get Easy Bookings

  • Add a convenient Book Now button on your website 
  • Includes property drop-down functionality (if operating an enterprise) 
  • For better visibility, add a DIY Interactive Map to your IBE

Operate Smoothly

  • Display unique rate structures, including dynamic pricing 
  • Collect deposit amounts as required 
  • IBE bookings update availability in real time, across OTAs and all other sales channels

Match Your Brand

  • Display add-ons for inventory-counted items, such as bike rentals 
  • Display extras for sale, such as champagne  
  • Customize color themes, background images,  property descriptions, room types, pricing, room images, and more


Enjoy the advantage of a direct, online booking solution.

Use the Internet Booking Engine to drive online bookings, letting your guests "Book Now" - right from your website.

Ready to See How Solonis Can Elevate Your Property?