March 21, 2024

Transform Your Vacation Rental Revenue with Our Vrbo Integration

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The vacation rental game keeps evolving and staying ahead means grabbing new opportunities to put your amazing space in front of your dream guests. That's why Solonis – powered by RMS Cloud is thrilled to announce our seamless integration with Vrbo, the world-renowned vacation rental platform loved by families and friends seeking their own private haven to share special moments. 

With this integration, managers of vacation rental properties will be able to tap into or expand their reach into the lucrative families & friends market, known for longer stays and higher spending – translating into exciting new revenue possibilities. Solonis + Vrbo results in direct access to a broader, diverse audience, boosting your potential for higher occupancy and more revenue.   

Vrbo shines for its focus on creating unforgettable group experiences, building a loyal global fanbase. With millions of users seeking group-friendly stays, Vrbo is the go-to platform for family vacations and group getaways. 


What are the benefits of listing with Vrbo?

  1. Spotlight in Key Markets: Connecting your property to Vrbo instantly puts it in front of a large global audience actively searching for group lodging. This massively expanded reach is especially helpful in high-demand markets where increased visibility translates to more bookings. 
  2. Instant Revenue Boost: Groups of families and friends often seek out larger spaces for longer durations and tapping into this market means higher revenue per reservation. Longer stays also offer consistent income and reduce turnover costs compared to more frequent, but shorter stays.
  3. Strategic Market Motivators: Vrbo's unique market position creates strategic incentives for properties in high-demand, low-availability spaces. This encourages property managers to create listings in areas where Vrbo detects significant demand, while maximizing their listings and pricing strategies to increase both occupancy and profitability.   
  4. Seamless Upselling with Group Bookings: More guests equate to more opportunities for upselling additional services and amenities. Whether it's offering group discounts on local attractions or curating bespoke in-house experiences, the potential to enrich guests' stays (and subsequently, your revenue stream) is exponentially higher with group bookings.  

Solonis’s integration with Vrbo is a step towards redefining the future of hospitality management. We're committed to integrated, guest-centric solutions where technology helps you cater to distinct market segments with unparalleled efficacy.  

As both Solonis and Vrbo remain steadfastly dedicated to innovation, this integration ensures ongoing growth in the tools and opportunities available to our esteemed property managers. Representing a pivotal opportunity for property managers to expand their outreach, augment their revenue streams, and streamline their operational modalities, this integration lays the groundwork for more intuitive management processes, superlative guest experiences, and enduring business growth within a dynamic market milieu.   

For hotel managers already leveraging Solonis, integrating with Vrbo presents a strategic opportunity not to be overlooked.   

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