May 31, 2022

3 Signs Your Hotel Property Management System Is Holding You Back

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


Hotel property managers know operations can’t run smoothly without a streamlined hotel property management system (PMS).

Finding your current PMS was already an endeavor, not to mention the effort it took to train your staff and roll it out. Because of the initial commitment, many hoteliers fear upgrading their hotel management software, fearing the hassle all over again.

As a result, you end up with an outdated property management system, one that becomes more and more limited as the years pass. But if your PMS is older than three years old, it’s probably time to vett a new one.

Here’s how to find out if it’s time to switch your PMS. If you’re experiencing any of these system bottlenecks, it might be time to upgrade:


1. Your PMS only does the bare minimum.

Sure. Your hotel property management system works — but is it supporting your growth and allowing you to scale? 

While using a familiar interface is comforting, keeping the same solution for years has its own set of drawbacks. After all, a PMS that only allows for the same old processes and capabilities is not evolving with technology advancements and limits your ability to stay relevant in the always-changing demands of the hotel industry. 

For example, if your PMS doesn’t integrate well with third-party tools, this could lead to major limitations in how you serve guests. If guests can’t leverage mobile check-in features and your staff can’t manage reservations, billings, vacancies, or reports from a smartphone or tablet, you’re severely restricting the convenience of the guest experience as well as your hotel’s operational efficiency. 


2. Your PMS frequently crashes or is expensive and timely to maintain.

There’s nothing like being in the middle of helping a guest and experiencing PMS issues. Whether the software is freezing, crashing, or you’re constantly having to ring support, there’s no reason you should compromise the guest experience over glitchy hotel management software.

If you find yourself always receiving complaints from your staff about your PMS’s functionality or support, it’s time to ask yourself, “what’s the true cost of our time?” Every minute spent finding a workaround for a finicky property management system is a minute of lost revenue or productivity. This is especially frustrating if waiting 24-48 hours for a response to a service request. 

Instead of paying for expensive upgrades that only work as a Band-Aid for a larger development issue, consider switching solutions altogether. The less time and money you spend on a lost cause, the more you’ll have to improve business and move the needle on your bottom line. And don’t forget to look for a PMS with 24/7 support.


3. You're wasting time troubleshooting and organizing, instead of helping guests.

Are you or your staff members constantly fiddling with your hotel PMS to make it do what you need it to do? Your property management system is there to make life easier for your team — so your team can focus on enhancing the guest experience. If you’re operating on a PMS that makes reservation management a burden or doesn’t include core integrations, it’s just adding to your headaches instead of relieving them.

For example, does your current PMS offer built-in email marketing tools? What about online chat and SMS automation for seamless communication? A PMS with a guest portal eliminates having to chat with guests on external booking sites about questions. In the end, your team shouldn’t have to hop around to multiple platforms and tools to do their job effectively. Consider a solution that neatly keeps all communication and guest information in one main system. 


More Change, Fewer Problems

Your PMS isn’t the only thing that’s overdue for a change. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted the way guests are traveling — and as a result, the hospitality industry at large.

In our Ultimate Guide to All In One Hotel Management Software, we share key insights on how to choose the best management software for your property. From features and benefits to recommendations from industry peers, this guide was created to help you improve your business. Are you ready to discover a hospitality management system that works for you.?

Download our free guide today and discover how to find the best software for your business, today.

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