November 17, 2022

5 Ways to Elevate the Hotel Guest Experience With Wellness Promotion

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


Are you leveraging the growing wellness tourism market? A new report from Grand View Research, Inc. predicts this market size is set to reach $1.02 trillion by 2030, and hotels and other lodging options will dominate the market.

Large hotel chains are investing in a wide range of wellness offerings and are forging partnerships with brands such as Headspace, New Balance, and Peloton. Hotel services have been expanding to include lavish rejuvenation programs and spa treatments in addition to easier-to-deploy classes and activities. 

To serve the rising number of health-conscious people actively seeking these types of programs and activities, here are five ways you can elevate your hotel guest experience with authentic wellness promotion.


 1. Create a Conscious In-Room Experience

Mindfulness practice — the state of being where you focus on the moment — is gaining in popularity. Rather than thinking about what may be happening back at home while traveling, your guests can become grounded in the scents, textures, and other sensations they are currently experiencing. 

Successful wellness programs encourage mindfulness by creating a conscious in-room experience. Offering eco-conscious items like bamboo bedding, towels, or refillable toiletries helps create a feeling of home for your guests. When these luxurious necessities are combined with air purifiers to cleanse the air, white noise machines to block out unwanted noise, and access to meditation and wellness apps,  your rooms can be transformed into a wellness retreat.

You may also opt to set aside certain suites for innovative, themed wellness-dedicated guest options. For example, a suite with space for meditation and yoga complete with yoga mats, a fitness mirror, locally designed nature scenes, and a noise machine featuring the sounds of nature, can provide your guests with a peaceful and relaxing experience they’ll never forget. Additionally, a wellness concierge who assists guests can transform your hotel into the latest wellness travel hotspot.


2. Offer Wellness Classes and Activities

Your guests have probably contributed to the global health and wellness industry spending that is quickly nearing $4 trillion U.S. dollars spent each year. The vast volume of purchases ranging from personal care and weight products to specialized therapeutic water spa treatments is evidence that now is the time to meet your guests where they want to be.

In addition to creating a retreat-like feel in rooms, you can enhance the hotel guest experience by offering wellness classes for all levels of experience and wellness-focused activities and exercises. With just a bit of creative thought, you can provide wellness options even if your hotel is not set up for them. 

Google data shows the importance of wellness. With over 800,000 searches to learn about meditation techniques and more than 50,000 searches to find a yoga retreat, these two activities should hold a prominent place in your wellness offerings. Another option you might want to consider is sound healing, with a trained practitioner who uses music as a way to improve well-being.

A few options to source yoga and meditation classes are to offer a discount on space in your hotel for locally partnered providers who discount their classes for your guests, provide on-demand access to yoga classes and guided meditation sessions, or add wellness teachers to your team. 

Also, keep the great outdoors in mind. Hiking or biking are favorite wellness activities that can be done off-site if your property doesn’t accommodate them. Other activities, such as outdoor yoga or nature-inspired art classes, allow your guests to enjoy the beauty of nature while focusing on their health.


3. Elevate Your Dining and Shopping Offerings

One of the biggest challenges for wellness-focused travelers is diet. Restaurant and on-the-go dining are often high in sugar, carbohydrates, and added chemicals. The solution to this problem is one of the easiest things to do for those wondering how to improve the guest experience.  

With a few minor shifts to your purchasing, you can offer healthy food and eco-friendly shopping options, including:

  • Healthy grab-and-go snacks and beverages in the mini-fridges and hotel shop.
  • Eco-friendly and local gift options in the boutique.
  • Healthier options for your breakfast buffet and restaurant menus.

4. Provide Relaxing Spa Options

Spa treatments offer the quickest and most efficient path to relaxation, which is often needed by both business and pleasure travelers. Massages, facials, saunas, wraps and scrubs, reflexology, and nail services can all improve your guest experience. Adding daily spa credits to hotel packages demonstrates you are intent on providing the services your guests desire. 

Although some spa services can easily be offered in a beautiful and quiet space you create for this purpose, others may not be. Spa options are another way where local connections are beneficial. 


5. Use a Stress-Free Hospitality Management System

Reducing and removing stress shouldn’t just happen once your guests are on your hotel grounds. When you use a stress-free hospitality management system, you and your guests will both benefit! 

Start out on the right foot with an easy-to-use reservation process. When guests are able to intuitively book their stay and add on other services and appointments online, their hotel guest experience doesn't begin with confusion or complexities. Then, use a robust hospitality management system to stay in touch with your guests with automated and personalized communications — leading up to, during, and after their stay.


The Road to Operational Success with an Enhanced Guest Experience

With the rise in wellness tourism, providing wellness offerings to your guests can improve your hotel guest experience and attract a new crowd of customers. With the right hospitality management system, you can reduce stress for you and your guests, elevate your hotel, and lead your business to success. 

Find out how an all-in-one management software can help increase your revenue and guide you down the road to operational success

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