December 12, 2022

Take Your Hotel Technology to the Next Level With Solonis

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


When running a hotel in the age of high technology standards and expectations, selecting the right hotel management system is key to smooth operation and business growth. 

Solonis is a modern, cloud-based property management system that delivers everything you need with one platform to streamline your business. Designed and powered by hospitality professionals with decades of experience in the field, the software helps with all aspects of hotel management.

From improving operational efficiency to enhancing the guest experience, here’s how you can use Solonis PMS to incorporate effective hotel technology into your operational strategy.


Hospitality Technology Made Easier with Solonis 


1. Improve the Guest Experience 

Automated Communications

Providing a positive experience starts with clear communication. Automated communications — such as informative emails sent to the right guest at the right time — can make the difference between a glowing review and a missed opportunity. You can open a line of communication with an integrated marketing strategy and build guest relationships through triggered correspondence.

24/7 Guest Portal

The Solonis Guest Portal permits guests to make and manage their own reservations online without having to call or contact the front desk during business hours. This feature removes the need to rely on multiple third-party software solutions. 

Since this feature is a part of Solonis PMS, you can instantly access guest information and see any changes guests have made to their reservations, paving the way for quick response times and a seamless reservation experience. 


2. Streamline Front Desk Operations

Self Check-In/Out

The right hotel technology enables online users to find your hotel and make their reservations without fuss. Using mobile check-in and check-out options, your guests can manage their reservations at their convenience, without visiting the front desk. With fewer lines at the front desk, your staff can focus on enhancing the guest experience and tending to their other duties efficiently. The internet booking engine (IBE) allows your staff to see reservations made in real-time so they can make sure each room is ready well before guests arrive.

Staff Portal

The staff portal simplifies housekeeping management by providing a direct link between task visibility and work completion. Within the portal, your staff can check and make updates to their tasks, communicate with other team members, and stay organized so your hotel runs flawlessly.


3. Centralize Property Oversight

Manage Multiple Properties

The latest hospitality technology makes managing multiple properties simple. You can manage each property from the same Solonis platform, and access your data for each property. You can also pool your reports or separate your data to give you an overview of individual properties and overall stats for comparative analysis. 

Maximize Reservations With Channel Management

Built-in channel management allows you to stay on top of multiple booking channels. When a reservation is made using any integrated channel, you’ll know — preventing double booking errors, and maximizing your reservation availability The channel manager feature also reduces manual entries and updates for you and your staff.

Streamline Reservations With OTAs and Direct Booking

Online booking can free up your front desk staff so they can focus on providing quality service and tending to their tasks. To maximize visibility, utilize Online Travel Agency (OTA) website integrations and the direct booking feature of your hotel reservation system. These integrations work with other PMS integrations and features to prevent overbookings, pricing inconsistencies, and more.

The right hotel technology enables online users to find your hotel and make their reservations without fuss. The internet booking engine (IBE) allows your staff to see reservations made in real time so they can make sure each room is ready well before guests arrive.


4. Simplify Revenue Management

Dynamic Pricing

Rates that automatically adjust based on preset guidelines across all channels are possible through Dynamic Pricing. With this feature, you can simplify revenue management during promotional periods, seasonality, and holiday influx with rates that are set for specific dates and/or based on room availability.  

Robust Automated Reporting

To promote growth, you need data insights that can help you shape your marketing efforts, improve the guest experience, and promote the efficiency of your staff. The robust Reporting tool can be configured to give you automatic updates and reports using any of the hundreds of report templates available. 


Simplify Your Hotel Operations With Solonis 

With the latest hotel technology at your fingertips, you can grow your business and foster a loyal customer base — all from a single software solution. 

Solonis PMS provides:

  • Streamlined property management with automation
  • A Guest Portal to improve the guest experience
  • Increased security through a cloud-based platform
  • Access to real-time data and reports

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