June 22, 2022

The Top 5 Hotel Technology Trends in the Hotel Industry for 2022

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


By providing a positive hotel experience for every guest, you can increase your hotel's reputation and stand out from the competition within the industry. You can ensure positive experiences by meeting guest needs and implementing the latest hospitality trends. 

Considering the effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on traveler habits, continuous operational improvement has become crucial to success, including the rise of technology to elevate the guest experience. In fact, Hotel Tech Report found that “49% of travelers say “their hotel selection is influenced by high-tech features in the hotel room, i.e., mobile key.” 

Below, we’ll discuss some of the top hotel technology trends that your property should consider this year to continue earning those incredible 5-star reviews.

5 Tech Trends To Implement at Your Hotel Today

Mobile Check-in

More than ever before, guests want options and flexibility during their stay, so one of the most important hotel industry technology trends is mobile check-in services. 

By offering mobile check-in services, you can improve the experience for both your guests and your staff.  Your guests can check in online, through an app, or at a kiosk to avoid long lines and spend more time enjoying their hotel experience. This is especially critical since Hotel Tech Report found that “Guest satisfaction scores drop by 50% when there’s a 5-minute wait at check-in.” 

Plus, this allows your staff time to focus on guests who require immediate attention. 

Contactless Payments

You can also provide your guests with flexibility in their payment options. Contactless payment options have risen during the pandemic — and still prove to be growing. 

Since American Express reported that 70% of merchants within the United States have requested contactless payment options, it’s likely you’ve already received a few requests of your own. 

By providing these payment options to your guests you can: 

  • Provide a faster, more convenient payment experience.
  • Have increased payment security.
  • Allow your guests to choose the best payment option for them. 

With more payment flexibility, your hotel guests will be able to take their reservation into their own hands and spend more time enjoying their stay. 


One quick and effective hotel technology trend that connects you with hotel guests is a chatbot. This tool allows you to easily answer customer questions no matter what time of day the customer reaches out. 

Nearly 70% of the time, chatbots can handle entire conversations with guests — with no time taken away from your hotel staff. If there are queries that need to be addressed, they can be transferred to your personnel and your staff can easily access the chat history to learn about the customer’s message. 

Social Media Messaging

Social media messaging is a useful hotel technology trend that can provide a positive guest experience. Customers can avoid the long wait times on the phone by messaging your hotel staff on social media instead. You can take advantage of social media platforms — including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — to communicate with your customers about their stay. 

With 3.96 billion people on social media platforms as of January 2022, this is a great way to reach new and existing audiences through messaging, posts, and more. In addition to answering direct messages, you can share special offers on these platforms and, in turn, potentially increase bookings. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can elevate the guest experience before they even arrive! 

With 360 views of your property and hotel rooms, virtual reality tools allow your guests to more accurately plan for and get excited about their upcoming trip. Plus, they’ll feel confident the second they step into your hotel, with previous knowledge about the layout, amenities, and more. 

Offering virtual reality as an option on your website can provide you with an advantage over your competitors — and entice guests to book their stay at your beautiful property.

Implement the Latest Hotel Technology Trends

Learning about the latest trends in hotel technology is the first steppingstone to your hotel’s success — and the next step is to incorporate these trends into your day-to-day operations.

By embracing technology best practices and improving your operations, you can guide your hotel to operational excellence, which is the key to reaching your hospitality business goals and elevating your guests’ experience. 

If you’re ready to provide guests with an unforgettable experience, download our complimentary ebook on Achieving Operational Excellence today! 

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