April 27, 2023

4 Resort Management Tips To Create Great Guest Experiences

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A memorable guest experience is one of the most crucial needs resorts must provide. In the hospitality sector, trends may come and go, but the guest experience is what will truly help resorts maintain success and relevancy.

Discover how these four resort management tips can help you provide your visitors with an elevated experience that ensures they come back and recommend your establishment to others.


4 Resort Management Tips That Improve the Guest Experience


1. Celebrate Special Events

Are your visitors celebrating a special occasion at your resort, such as an anniversary or a birthday? If so, offering a convenient way for guests to request additional amenities can ensure that they have a memorable experience. 

By utilizing an internet booking engine as part of your resort management software, you can enable your guests to specify the occasion at the time of booking. Using this information, you can then automate tailored upsell and cross-sell offers within the guest portal prior to or after their arrival. 


2. Create Solutions for Guest Feedback

Surveys and Reviews

Surveys can help you understand guests' preferences and reveal the most popular activities, amenities, and services to fine-tune your resort to their wants.

Surveys can also:

  • Highlight areas where you can improve your resort
  • Identify how well your resort maintains cleanliness and provides support
  • Help retain guests and build loyalty

By simply using personalized messaging tools with your resort management software, you can quickly send out:

  • Emails with relevant information, such as newsletters, offers, deals, and events
  • SMS messages with promotional codes and coupons
  • Loyalty program rewards and updates through the guest portal

By using surveys and reviews, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your visitors enjoy so you can adjust your resort accordingly to provide a better guest experience.

Chat Bots

Chat bots are one of the most helpful tools for customer support teams, especially for the hospitality industry.

Chat bots are AI powered tools that offload tasks from your resort’s support team and can be used 24/7/365 to assist your staff. They can help answer visitor queries in real time, provide personalized solutions, and pull information from stored records to give quick and accurate responses. Your guests will be satisfied with timely responses to their needs, making them more likely to leave positive reviews and book at your resort again.


3. Improve Resort Amenities

Updated Technology

Using cutting-edge technological solutions is a requirement to succeed in this fiercely competitive industry. Using updated technology, such as self-service and mobile check-in, can give your guests autonomy over the reservation process without needing to come into contact with your staff, a common post-pandemic preference.

Housekeeping Services

Ensure each area of your resort has the right personnel and services to avoid uncleanliness and disgruntled guests. You can achieve this with a straightforward arrival list created using the housekeeping module in resort management software. It’s as simple as this:

  • Create a daily arrival list
  • Check the resort staff beforehand
  • Set up the personnel shifts in accordance with the total number of arrivals and make them accessible to welcome the visitors

By doing this, you can prepare housekeeping amenities, such as room purification, bathrobes and slippers, and other toiletries.

Health and Wellness

With the rising popularity of wellness tourism, adding wellness-related amenities can provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests. 

For example, consider adding spa, fitness, or yoga packages as upselling offers to meet your guests’ preferences and boost your resort revenue. With the right resort management system, you can reduce stress for you and your guests and lead your resort to success. 


4. Market to Guests After They Leave

Creating a positive guest experience doesn’t end once your visitors have left your resort. As a resort manager, it’s important to continue to engage with your guests to entice them to return for their next stay. 

Furthermore, with personalized email marketing, you can tailor your offerings to each specific guest. This creates an individualized experience and promotes your resort to retain loyal customers.


Revitalize Your Resort with All-in-one Property Management Software


Maintaining a positive guest experience at your resort involves listening to your guests and responding to their needs with the best services. Without help from resort management software, this can quickly become overwhelming, causing your team to fall behind on tasks or sacrifice the quality of the guest experience.

You can relieve your staff from several tasks with an all-in-one property management software designed for resorts just like yours. Explore how to offer the best possible guest experience and lead your team to operational excellence with our latest guide.

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