February 17, 2023

4 Boutique Hotel Management Software Features You Need

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


With an expected increase in market size of 15.4% in 2023, this year offers more opportunities than ever before for independent hoteliers. However, competition with both large hotel chains and other boutique hotels is also increasing the demands on the typical owner/operator who may not have an entire executive team for support.

Even the smallest independent properties can face these challenges by embracing change with the right all-in-one hotel management software. 

Boutique hotel management software can streamline operations, empower your staff, and save you time and money. More importantly, the best solutions will offer robust features that ultimately allow you to deliver a personalized, memorable guest experience.

Here are four key features you need to seamlessly run your boutique hotel.


4 Boutique Hotel Management Software Features


1. Guest Portal

The high-quality and personalized guest experience offered by boutique hotels doesn’t always mean in-person or face-to-face.

Today’s travelers expect options, and a customizable portal offers a professional, branded gateway for guests to self-serve when they choose to do so. Guests expect even the smallest hotels to operate in the digital age, and easy-to-access guest portals offering a personalized guest experience are critical.

An interactive guest portal allows your guests to check in and out, view and manage their reservations, and access their statements online. It also streamlines communications with SMS text messaging that lets guests chat directly with your staff for special requests, questions, or other needs.

The best boutique hotel management software is a cloud-based solution that provides fast loading speeds and secure access. Your guests will be able to access their guest portal on any device easily, quickly, and securely at any time.


2. Open API for Limitless Integration Possibilities

Robust integration capacity is one of the most critical features of hotel management software. As a boutique hotel, your focus needs to be on your guests and not on navigating to multiple systems or applications. 

An open API feature provides seamless integration with numerous tools ranging from accounting and payment processing to electronic locks. There should also be built-in integrations, such as the ability to manage indirect bookings.

Channel Manager

Most hotel bookings are made through online booking channels. To compete with larger hotels or chains, your boutique hotel needs a presence on major booking channels and travel websites - but managing each booking channel can be time-consuming.

The right boutique hotel management solution will include a built-in channel manager, giving you control over listings from your dashboard, allowing you to update pricing across the channels, and displaying accurate availability. If your current system doesn’t offer this direct integration, it is holding you back


3. Internet Booking Engine (IBE) for Increased Direct Bookings

Although booking channels and online travel agencies (OTAs) come with a cost, they can be leveraged to increase direct bookings by increasing your brand visibility.

Many travelers discover boutique hotels through an OTA but then click through to a website to learn more. A branded internet booking engine (IBE) displays a prominent “Book Now” button on your website. As website visitors discover the advantages of staying at your boutique hotel, they will appreciate the convenience of direct booking.

Additionally, an IBE gives you more control over reservations and streamlines your operations. It also empowers you to offer special packages or upsells, adding incremental revenue.  


4. Reporting for Making Data-Backed Decisions

As the owner or operator of a boutique hotel, every decision is critical. Unfortunately, without hotel business intelligence (BI) tools, you may be making decisions in the dark. 

BI lets you make data-backed decisions that will make your hotel stand out. The best hotel management software is a cloud-based solution that provides data in real time. With robust reporting features, you will be able to analyze occupancy rates, how customers are booking — direct or through OTAs — how much they are spending on upgrades, average stay length, and much more.


Discover the Power of Boutique Hotel Software

High-end, boutique hotels come with unique management challenges and specialized needs. To compete with hotel chains or larger independent hotels, you need the right tools that will free you and your staff to provide personalized luxury and comfort. 

Learn how the best all-in-one hotel management software will help you streamline operations, empower your staff, and save you time and money, all while delivering an elevated guest experience. Download our Operational Excellence guide today.

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