May 15, 2023

All-in-One Property Management Tools Available with Solonis

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As traveler trends continue to shift, it’s crucial that you have a property management system (PMS) that is adaptable, advanced, and agile.

Solonis is the most cutting-edge and reliable all-in-one property management system in the hospitality industry. Created by a group of professionals with decades of experience in the hospitality and business intelligence industries, Solonis is designed for property managers just like you.

Here are five tools from our distinct, all-in-one property management system that will improve every area of your operations via automation, integrations, and more.


5 Property Management Tools Available with Solonis 

1. Multi-Property Management Tools

With Solonis, managing multiple properties has never been easier. Our all-in-one property management system offers the following tools for a seamless management experience across all your locations.

Rate Management: Make sure your nightly rates, special offers, package deals, promotions, and more are managed to attract more visitors, increase reservations, and enhance all of your properties.

Franchise Management:  Because of its advanced franchise management tools, our PMS can be utilized to help manage databases, from small to enterprise-level. You’ll have access to property grouping, reporting features, and more — all within a single database for easy access.

Revenue Management: Our extensive revenue management tools and integrations allow you to optimize your operations with data-driven decision-making, boost your revenue, improve your ROI, and prepare your property for any unforeseen industry changes.


2. Tools To Expand Your Reach

Improving your reach and presence begins with more control over your online brand and driving more online traffic to your website, which can also increase direct bookings. 

For example, with the Solonis Channel Manager, you’ll be able to connect directly to your preferred OTAs for easier booking management. This allows your visitors to find your property on the most well-known online travel agencies, such as, Expedia, and Airbnb. All reservations are immediately reflected in your Solonis property management system.

While the Solonis Channel Manager can leverage OTAs to help your property get in front of more travelers’ eyes, it's up to you to encourage the guest to return and book directly with you when your brand is seen online. 

After guests have discovered your site from OTAs, the Solonis Internet Booking Engine (IBE) can enable you to receive bookings directly on your site. Our IBE captures valuable guest data during the booking process that can be used to incentivize your guests to stay with you in the future by offering personalized offers for each visitor based on internal guest records. This includes deals, rooms and various packages that best suit each guest’s preferences, increasing the likelihood that they book through your website again.

But that’s not all our IBE can accomplish for you. Our IBE:

  • Optimizes your hotel's website to attract the most direct reservations
  • Diverts traffic from OTAs so your hotel can earn more revenue while giving customers a smooth booking experience
  • Enables visitors to quickly check room availability, rates, and types
  • Pull information from loyalty programs and apply points or credits 

3. Tools To Scale

On-site systems require a lot of upkeep, human resources, and decentralize your data information. Our cloud-based booking software, allows you to allocate these resources to other areas of your business for improved operational efficiency and scalability.

With our all-in-one property management system, you’ll have access to tools that enable you to adapt to traveler trends and meet your specific property needs now and in the future.

Solonis staff portal. With the Solonis staff portal you can manage your staff and their tasks with ease from a centralized location. When paired with the guest portal, you can notify your staff of pending reservations to quickly assign the correct amount of staff members and resources, including but not limited to housekeeping and maintenance. 

Integrated point-of-sale (POS) system. Integrated directly into our PMS, our POS system helps you scale your enterprise by simplifying your guest transactions and removes the need for unnecessary hardware to store inventory data, send invoices, or complete front desk tasks. 

Booking and rate management. As mentioned above, Solonis allows you to combine and modernize your booking process with a multitude of tools. From our industry leading Internet Booking Engine to dynamic pricing, you can ensure your rates are up-to-date both for direct bookings and any online travel agencies you may work with. By incorporating all of these tools and processes in one centralized location, you can ensure both your guests and your staff have fewer obstacles in the booking process. Fewer obstacles during reservations allows you to maximize guest turnover — a key driver in scaling your business.

The flexibility of these tools allows you to simplify your infrastructure to smooth operational demands, improve efficiency, and reduce costs — ultimately enhancing your guests’ experience. 


4. Nearly Unlimited Integrations To Fit Your Needs

Solonis has over 200 native integrations to choose from to personalize your hotel and meet your operational needs. When paired with our open API, you can unlock integrations with other necessary platforms to have full flexibility into how you build out your property management operations.

Software integrations offer other benefits, such as:

  • Personalization for your property, resulting in a more cohesive brand experience for your staff and guests at every touchpoint
  • Reduced property management and customer support workload so your team can focus on the improving the guest experience
  • Easier business decision-making via robust reporting and analytics
  • Reduced risk of data entry errors with seamless data sharing between integrations
  • Cost savings from a highly tailored solution. Pay for the integrations you need and nothing more.
  • A more custom, responsive website to help differentiate your hotel from the competition and improve direct bookings
  • Improved efficiency for your tech stack to boost your operational ROI

5. Business Intelligence

One of the most important aspects of running a business is understanding areas of improvement. With business intelligence (BI) tools, you’ll be able to automate reporting and gain actionable insights to improve your management decision-making.

Our BI tools interact with several platforms, offering over 180 automated reports and a custom report builder — all from a centralized location. Discover your high and low points throughout the year and craft the perfect marketing strategy backed by data with Solonis.


Ongoing Training and Support

Our all-in-one property management system provides a ton of ongoing training and round-the-clock support, all provided by hospitality experts who have dealt with the challenges you face.

Not only do we stand ready to help at any given moment, but Solonis is also the only property management system to receive the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification — only U.S. Government Agencies provide equivalent cloud security. This makes our platform the most trusted and reliable at keeping your information safe.


Set Your Hotel Up for Success with the Solonis PMS

Managing a property isn’t easy, as there are a lot of different aspects to account for, including a fiercely competitive industry, traveler trends, technological changes, and more.

With our all-in-one property management system, you’ll improve each area of your business with several management tools and resources at your disposal — all from a single location and powered by the latest cloud computing solutions. 

Discover the full capabilities of Solonis and how we compare to others within the hospitality management industry with our Ultimate Property Management System Comparison Guide

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