March 28, 2023

Why Choose Solonis as Your Hotel Property Management System?

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A modernized hotel property management system is crucial for hoteliers to maximize their revenue, occupancy rate — and most importantly — provide a memorable guest experience.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of  Solonis’ property management software for hotels and how it’s transforming the hospitality industry with cutting-edge integrations and features built for the future.


How Solonis PMS Transforms Hotels

When running a hotel, efficiency is everything. That’s why a cloud-based platform like Solonis is crucial to keeping all aspects of hotel operations flowing smoothly. Here is how it’s done:


A Centralized Guest Portal for Easy Information Access

Like every software feature of Solonis, the Guest Portal is fully integrated for direct guest communication. Guests can use the Guest Portal to:

  • Manage their reservations
  • Make a contactless payment
  • Communicate special requests with staff 
  • Check-in and check-out

A major benefit of Solonis is that guests can use the Guest Portal instead of the front desk for many of their needs. This enables an expedited process for guests who don’t want to stand in line for customer service while freeing up your front desk staff so they can tend to their duties effectively.


Support Your Staff with the Housekeeping Portal

The housekeeping portal is a unique, direct communication line for comprehensive team management and organization. From your housekeeping dashboard, you can create and assign housekeeping tasks, monitor task progress, and communicate duties directly to individual staff members, which they can view from their housekeeping portal. 

Solonis makes housekeeping efficient — your team members can access their portal anywhere at any time on any smart device. Staff can use the portal to mark their tasks as completed to provide the best — and clean — experiences for guests.


An Internet Booking Engine To Increase Direct Bookings

You can increase your revenue with the internet booking engine (IBE) that allows for a “Book Now” button directly on your hotel’s website. With this feature, guests can conveniently book their stay with or without having first found your hotel on an OTA — potentially saving you on OTA fees. 

Since the IBE is integrated with your other hotel property management system features, reservations are made in real-time, preventing double bookings and other costly errors.


Robust Reporting for Data-Driven Strategies

The Reporting feature within Solonis provides you with the information you need to support and accelerate your business strategy. Reporting can be used to analyze crucial data for areas such as:

  • Reservations
  • Staff management
  • Daily operations
  • Multi-property management
  • Marketing efforts

Although the Reporting feature comes with hundreds of prebuilt report templates designed with hotels in mind, you can also create customized reports and automate them to receive the data you and your key stakeholders need through emailed reports for a convenient review process.


Multiple Integrations To Support Business Needs

Hotels can create a streamlined workflow with over 200 integration possibilities and more freedom thanks to Solonis Open API environment. With Open API, Solonis software can adapt and support additional application integrations while allowing you to manage your data from a centralized location. Dozens of additional integrations can be found in the payment processing, channel managers, GDS/OTA, POS, and revenue management categories. 


24/7 Support

When you’re with Solonis, we’re by your side, because we’ve been in your shoes. Solonis’ software was built by a team of hospitality experts. The same level of industry expertise extends to our support team. No matter what you need, our knowledgeable customer support team is ready to help. This is in addition to a comprehensive onboarding process that ensures you are ready to maximize your new software’s features.


The Superior Hotel Property Management System

Solonis prides itself on creating a modern hotel property management system that can be used to manage hotel properties of all shapes and sizes. With a centralized, cloud-based platform, your hotel operations can surpass your expectations and cement your hotel as a premier destination for guests. 

To see how Solonis stacks up against the competition, access our Property Management System Comparison Guide.

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