January 24, 2023

3 Ways To Improve Hotel Housekeeping Operations With Solonis

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


Staff management is one of the biggest challenges for hotel managers. When it comes to your housekeeping staff, training is essential but not enough to ensure your hotel meets the standards for cleanliness and guest satisfaction. With a solution that can easily lead your hotel to operational excellence, operations can be streamlined. 

Here’s how Solonis can help simplify your housekeeping operations. 


Improving Housekeeping Operations With Solonis

Solonis is more than just a property management system (PMS). This all-in-one-management software improves your hotel housekeeping operations. 

Here are three key features of our intuitive PMS and customizable housekeeping portal:


1. Schedules and To-do Lists

Whether assigning housekeeping duties or checking them off as complete, inefficient processes and tools can waste time and money. Unfortunately, even traditional scheduling and task management solutions will slow you down. 

Solonis’ native housekeeping portal provides tools created by hospitality professionals who understand your unique needs. Accessible from a computer or a smart device, Solonis empowers you, your managers, and your staff to streamline housekeeping management. 

Property and department managers can efficiently assign both a general housekeeping schedule as well as granular tasks. Additionally, managers and front desk staff can add specific notes about guest preferences, before arrival or if the guest makes a request on-site. 

Housekeeping staff can conduct their work completely from a mobile device, enabling them to easily view specific housekeeping details about each room they are assigned. The comprehensive information in this mobile portal enables them to create superior guest experiences.

The portal can also be used to track efficiency. Each assignment can be allocated time for completion, and the housekeeper tracks their work directly on their smart device.


2. Real-time Reports

The hospitality industry is still facing challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. From new sanitation practices to a greater need for staff recruitment and retention, processes are continuing to evolve.

These changes can negatively impact the timeliness of turning a room. Not only does your housekeeping staff need access to a portal that lists their assignments, detailed tasks, and other notes, the front desk staff needs real-time data to know if a room is ready for a guest.

Real-time housekeeping data provides valuable insights for both hotel housekeeping operations and property management. According to Del Ross, chief revenue officer, Hotel Effectiveness, “Real-time productivity information allows hotel owners and general managers to make data-driven decisions that improve labor efficiency and bottom-line operating profits.”

Because Solonis is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere on any device, real-time data can be tracked and viewed by management, housekeeping, and front desk staff. 

The portal allows housekeeping to view and manage their tasks, indicate if a task is not required, or update an area as clean. The front-desk dashboard provides real-time room inventory updates, showing which rooms are clean and ready for check-in.

Additionally, Solonis allows you to automate many tasks. Significant reports such as housekeeping productivity can be set up and scheduled for regular monitoring of housekeeping data.


3. Real-time Communications 

The final key feature of the hotel housekeeping portal in Solonis is real-time communication between management, staff, and guests.

Consider these scenarios. A housekeeper has found a major problem in a room preventing it from being added to the available inventory. Unfortunately, she only has five minutes left in her shift and needs to reach a supervisor immediately. Or perhaps a guest has already arrived and made an insistent request for an early check-in for a premier room, but housekeeping is still cleaning that room.

In either case, seamless, real-time communications are essential and allow housekeepers to collaborate with supervisors, managers, and front desk staff. Solonis has integrated communication tools into the housekeeping portal, allowing the staff to use instant messaging directly on their smart devices.


Next-level Excellence Begins With Solonis

Solonis is anything but typical. With features such as the easy-to-access and easy-to-use housekeeping portal and a modern, cloud-based infrastructure that is configurable and scalable, Solonis will help you streamline procedures and processes for operational excellence.

Download The Ultimate Property Management System Comparison Guide today and learn how Solonis stacks up against other popular PMS options in booking and events management, marketing, POS and credit card processing, integrations, pricing, and onboarding.

It is time to take your property to next-level excellence!

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