May 30, 2023

Hotel PMS Onboarding Made Easy with Solonis

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In the hospitality industry, implementing a new property management software can be a stressful process for hoteliers. There are many factors to consider, including the complexity of the onboarding process. 

To set your hotel up for success, your PMS provider should offer your business practical training opportunities and the right tools for a smooth and timely onboarding process. 

Discover how Solonis works with you to ensure the onboarding process is seamless as you train your staff and integrate our hotel PMS into your operations.


How Solonis Helps Create a Seamless Onboarding Experience

Thanks to our implementation team and detailed methodology, the onboarding process at Solonis gets your hotel operations up and running in an average of three weeks. With others, this process could take a month or much longer.

Solonis also simplifies each part of the hotel PMS onboarding process in the following ways.


1. Easy Cloud Migration

On-premise, legacy PMS onboarding can take more than a month to go live without extensive training on the product. Furthermore, the downtime following any repairs or maintenance procedures is quite extensive. A cloud-based PMS, on the other hand, can be used much more quickly.

Because Solonis’ cutting-edge technology is entirely cloud-based, it can be swiftly implemented at new properties, drastically reducing the initial onboarding process. With a cloud-based PMS, you don’t need to purchase or upgrade additional hardware, alleviating some of the burden and speeding up the process. 

Our Hosting Platform

Our Microsoft Azure hosting platform provides unrestricted scalability, trustworthy product access, quicker deployment, and better performance, ensuring your onboarding experience is supported by top-of-the-line tools.


2. Data Protection During Migration

As you conduct your data migration process during onboarding, you need your information protected. The last thing you need during the migration process are stolen, corrupted, or damaged data and significant downtime.

We ensure that the information from your property is safely managed and kept, reducing the chance of data breaches and other cybersecurity attacks.

During data migration, Solonis uses several best practices and tools to protect your data, such as:

  • Following industry guidelines developed by corporations and professionals in cloud technology security
  • Performing software updates and backing up data regularly to prevent errors and data loss
  • Utilizing top-of-the-line servers specifically designed to store data without requiring the assistance of an internal IT team


3. Continuous Support From the Solonis Team

During the onboarding process with Solonis, you'll have access to an advanced and highly trained onboarding team with industry-leading expertise. We provide ongoing, 24/7 support and training with no additional charge, allowing you to opt for as many as nine training sessions per week. Our team will provide you with educational resources — such as training videos and demonstrations — to learn about integrations, automation, and more to maximize your hotel PMS.

It's also critical that your staff stays up to date on your new software’s most recent updates and upgrades. Employees are empowered with the latest information during ongoing training, enabling them to easily navigate new integrations, improve their workflows, and deliver outstanding customer service.


Make Your Onboarding Process Easy with Solonis

With Solonis, you’ll be guided by our implementation specialists through a process that is designed to integrate easily with your current processes. Additionally, your employees will be trained by our specialists to become topic matter experts on your new hotel PMS. Even after completing the implementation process, our 24/7 support resources ensure there is always assistance available if you need it.

Schedule a demo of Solonis today to see how our onboarding, implementation, support, and all-in-on property management software can help streamline your process and grow your business.

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