October 18, 2023

Streamline Your Hotel Guest Services with Solonis

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It’s not a secret: hotels must put the needs of their guests first to be successful. 

Unfortunately, many hotels lack the time, tools, and cohesiveness necessary to accomplish this effectively and efficiently. 

Solonis was designed to help hoteliers create memorable guest experiences and to improve the operational efficiency of your room service, housekeeping, and concierge teams.

Here’s how you can use Solonis to streamline your hotel guest services and give your teams the tools they need to create memorable experiences.


How to Leverage Solonis for Cohesive Guest Services


Unite Your Concierge and Housekeeping Staff Operations

Every day, your staff handles high volumes of guest questions and concerns. As a result, having your staff on the same page is challenging yet essential to provide unparalleled guest services.

Whether you need more efficient task management tools, quicker communication across teams, or anything in between, Solonis rises to the occasion. With our Staff Portal, you can consolidate your communication in one location to make cross-team communication simple and efficient. 

Our tools create a clear, documented connection between guest requests, task requirements, and job accomplishment automatically, rather than making calls or tracking down each team member. You can assign tasks, monitor assignment progress, and message other teams instantly. Whether your concierge needs to arrange transportation services, create custom itineraries, or ensure orders are sent to the room, the Staff Portal coordinates your teams to promptly provide great guest services.


Provide Proactive Room, Concierge, and Guest Services

Planning Room and Concierge Services

Concierge and room service requests are pivotal in creating great guest services. Alongside your front desk team and housekeeping staff, all of these teams have to meet the ever-changing needs of your guests on the fly.

While the Staff Portal allows you to quickly address and communicate cross-team guest requests during a stay, Solonis also allows you to anticipate and plan for these guest service needs before the reservation even begins. 

With the Solonis Internet Booking Engine (IBE), you can improve your room and concierge services by allowing guests to select add-ons and services during the booking process rather than mid-stay. This allows you to pre-schedule room service options, paid activities, and amenities so your teams can plan for requests ahead of time and create a seamless experience for your guests.

Communication with Guests

There may be details that you would like your concierge and service teams to communicate with your guests that add value to their stay. Solonis allows you to proactively communicate items such as activities in the area, travel directions, and places to park through the Guest Portal and Marketing features.

These tools can be used to answer commonly asked questions so there is less demand on your staff which enables them to focus on more complex requests.


Consolidates Concierge Tools and Resources

As an all-in-one property management platform, Solonis empowers you to configure a solution for all your teams. Our centralized dashboard contains all the information your staff needs to streamline tasks, communicate efficiently, and give your guests the experience they deserve. 

You can connect existing or useful external tools directly into the same platform so communication and data can be shared with the rest of your team. 


Discover the Top PMS Designed for Hoteliers Like You


Your guests deserve the best experience at your hotel, but you and your staff can’t meet every demand without the right tools.

With Solonis, you’ll have access to smarter tech and tools designed to streamline your processes, helping you connect with your guests and giving them a memorable experience.

Get hands-on experience with Solonis and request a demo today. Your journey to operational excellence begins here.


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