February 15, 2023

Digitizing Guest Requests With Hotel Operations Software

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


In the modern hospitality industry, guests expect your hotel to have up-to-date features and amenities. It’s never been more important to digitize and streamline your operations so that the experience meets guest expectations.

Below, we’ll discuss ways integrated hotel operations software can help you handle guest requests effectively and improve your operational efficiency.


Guest Request Management Features of Integrated Hotel Operations Software

Modern hospitality technology and software play a significant role in meeting the expectations of your guests. 

Hotel operations software can help you track and gather insights necessary to drive your operations forward. You can use your management software to see what guests typically do at each part of their reservation process and what they may request. These insights can help you track trends in the hospitality industry to ensure your hotel continues to meet traveler expectations.

When all that data is centralized in one location through hotel operations software, you can access it instantly at any point and share that data quickly across different teams.

It’s important to realize the modern traveler often begins their reservation process online, meaning it’s vital to have an effective omnichannel guest experience. Ensure you are using your hotel operations system to streamline your email marketing and website to maximize your occupancy and satisfy your guests.


Anticipate Guest Needs With Targeted Marketing Tools

With customized email templates and messaging, you can use marketing automation tools to tailor communications to proactively recommend upgrades, explain the use of the interactive guest portal, and invite them — or remind them — of your guest loyalty program.

If your hotel operations software allows it, you can store customer data to create segmented lists so you can choose which offers, deals, and promotions to show to which customers.


Interactive Guest Portal

A guest portal with your hotel operations software allows guests to manage their reservations and payment information instantly. It also allows your staff to access important guest data quickly, improving operational efficiency.

If your hotel management software allows it, you can use automated communications within your guest portal to send emails and messages at the right time. Automated communications can be:

  • Promotional emails
  • Review requests
  • Answers to queries with the use of chat bots

Chat bots are another great feature that you may have access to with your hospitality operations software. Chat bots can provide 24/7/365 support for your hotel and take on a lot of support tasks that your staff would have to handle themselves normally.


Cloud-Based Housekeeping Management to Handle Requests

Task Tracking

Hoteliers can assign both general housekeeping schedules as well as daily tasks to each staff member. Furthermore, housekeeping staff can complete tasks from a mobile device, allowing them to quickly view key housekeeping details about each room they are assigned.

Real-time Reports

The right hotel operations software can allow you to automate many of these housekeeping tasks and compile comprehensive reports. These reports can provide actionable insights into housekeeping productivity and guest behavior so you can optimize your hotel to provide the best experience.

Instant Communication

Communication across your teams and between your staff and guests is one of the most crucial elements to running a successful hotel. With the right hotel PMS, you can use integrated communication tools to allow your staff to communicate instantly from their smart devices, greatly boosting productivity and further streamlining tasks and communication.

For guests, when they make a request, the real-time communication features from your hospitality operations software will enable you to respond to guests’ needs quickly and accordingly. The last thing you want to do is leave your guests waiting and feeling like they’re not being heard, especially when it comes to requests such as room cleaning.


Bring Your Hotel into the Digital Age With Solonis 

To achieve operational excellence, it’s critical that your hotel has centralized data, modernized features, and memorable guest amenities. The right hotel PMS will empower you to achieve each of those and also boost your revenue and occupancy rate.

Download our ebook today to see how you can maximize your hotel operations with the top all-in-one management software.

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