November 23, 2022

4 Key Insights on Travel Trends and Guest Expectations in 2023

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


Travelers across the country have relaunched their plans post-pandemic. However, with increased flight cancellations and the impact of high inflation, it’s more important than ever to focus on creating a priceless guest experience to retain — and grow — your flow of satisfied visitors.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the travel trends and guest expectations to keep in mind so you can make every visit to your hotel a positive one.


1. Guests Expect Higher Service Standards and Offerings

The Solonis State of the Industry Report (SOTIR) indicates that inflation has raised daily rates by more than 34%. Unfortunately, the quality of service has not changed to match this steep financial increase. Travelers deserve to be the top priority of the hotel from the moment they make a reservation to long after they have checked out. To show rather than tell dedication to your guests, you can leverage guest information from your property management software to provide personalized experiences

Some options to consider for elevating the guest experience at your hotel include:

  • Offering a variety of on-site classes and activities 
  • Off-site classes and activities via partnerships with local vendors
  • Complimentary, thoughtful gifts and personalized amenities
  • Discounts or special offers for loyal members

With these added perks, you can pamper your guests to ensure that they remember their stay and are willing to spread the word about their positive experience.


2. Guests Expect an Adaptive Digital System

With innovative technology being so accessible, it’s no surprise that guests are starting to expect hotels to adopt these technologies into their daily operations and procedures. When looking at travel trends, the SOTIR findings reveal that 38% of guests prefer contactless options such as payments and check-in services. As we look to 2023, it’s crucial to consider the flexibility of an adaptive digital system to meet evolving guest expectations. 

With a robust hotel reservation system, you can offer online check-in, check-out, and payment options through a Guest Portal that visitors can access from any device with an internet connection — allowing your guests to avoid long wait times at the front desk. 

Additionally, you may have the ability to provide your guests with their reservation details — including policies, room upgrade options, and hotel events — before, during, and after their reservation using online communication options within your software. 


3. Guests Expect an Authentic Experience

With travel becoming more costly — a 43% increase in airline travel costs compared to 2021 — travelers expect immersion in local experiences to make their trip delightful, worthwhile, and memorable. To bring local flavors into your hotel, you can:

  • Use locally sourced products in your restaurant or food service
  • Partner with local vendors to sell their goods
  • Promote excursions or events happening nearby

Supporting local charities and small businesses during the holidays can also show your guests that your brand prioritizes creating a positive atmosphere for everyone. 


4. Guests Expect a Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability has become a trend that benefits everyone. According to the SOTIR, roughly 65% of guests expressed positivity towards sustainability efforts. Eco-friendly options such as reducing plastic waste by shifting away from the use of keycards are a surefire way to do your part for the environment while making reservations more convenient through the use of mobile keys.


Discover Travel Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Staying on top of hospitality industry trends can boost your reputation as a people-centric hotel that prides itself on providing an exceptional guest experience. The Solonis State of the Industry Report provides unparalleled clarity on how to stay relevant among changing guest expectations. 

In the Solonis Report, you’ll find:

  • Additional insights on current trends
  • How to optimize guest expectations
  • How to address resurfacing guest pain points
  • And more

For an in-depth examination of key travel trends, download your complimentary State of the Industry Report.

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