January 30, 2023

4 Tips for Implementing Resort Management Software Across Multiple Properties

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


Resort management for a single property is a challenging task on its own, but running multiple properties is a whole different level of difficulty. That’s why it is essential to have efficient resort management software in place to support your operations and ensure your business runs smoothly. Here are a few tips for multi-property management prowess.


The Advantages of Centralized Property Management

When you have to search for each property within your system, manually pull data, compile reports, and manage your properties individually, you’re spending time that would be better served on enhancing the guest experience. With a centralized property management system, you have access to all of your resorts — booking data, employee task tracking, reports, and more — on one cloud-based platform. 

The benefits of centralized property management can include:

  • Maximized efficiency
  • Improved insight for business strategy alignment
  • Reduced errors with automated processes
  • Increased communication with employees and guests across all properties

The other option — implementing multiple systems to manage your properties — can be time consuming and may hinder operational efficiency. Additionally, the security of multiple systems could be questionable, opening the door to cyber attacks.

Aside from streamlining operations, the flexibility and advanced technology of your resort management software can help you scale your business. One way this is accomplished is through guest communication under one brand with the ability to switch between management levels and resorts without additional applications.


4 Features To Consider When Implementing Resort Management Software


1. Channel Manager

A channel manager allows for automated synchronization of your rates and available reservations across all channels. This includes your website, front desk, and OTA platforms for each resort. The best reservation system will have an integrated channel manager you can use to ensure that correct rates and occupancy levels are being displayed everywhere for all of your resort properties, without having to log into individual channels or management applications.

Dynamic Pricing

A dynamic pricing tool can be used in tandem with your channel manager so that you can set guidelines for automatically adjusting rates. For example, if you see that one of your resorts has fewer bookings, you can start a promotional period at that resort using the dynamic pricing tool. The promotional rates will be shown across all channels, and the promotional period will automatically end on your preset date. 


2. Open API and Integrations

If your management software has an open API feature, it’s possible to integrate your current applications and explore new integration opportunities to further streamline your operations and improve the guest experience. An open API feature gives you the opportunity to manage the tools that manage your data — from one platform.


3. Onboarding Features

Your property management software service provider should offer around-the-clock support for all of your resorts as well as hands-on learning experiences for your staff during the onboarding period. The onboarding process should allow for a smooth transition to your new cloud-based software solution in which your staff learns the ins and outs of new features designed to improve the efficiency of operations. The onboarding and transition period should take several weeks to complete to allow for complete mastery of the new software with training videos, demonstrations, and more.


4. Cloud-Based Management Tools

A cloud-based system ensures that the data from your resorts is securely stored and managed to give you a holistic view of all of your properties with less risk of data breaches and other cyber threats.

Some must-have tools integrated with your multi-property management software include:

  • Reporting that enables you to pull, customize, and view data in real time
  • Booking manager and other tools you can access from anywhere on any device
  • Guest portal that you can customize based on your brand or resort theme
  • Point of sale management for secure payment processing

Access to the right tools can streamline your operations and simplify processes to make sure each resort property’s management is aligned with your business goals.


Multi-Property Management Made Easy 

Running multiple properties is a challenge, but the reward beats the risk when you have reliable resort management software that can improve operational efficiency and give you peace of mind. 

Discover how the right software can benefit all of your resort properties. Download our complimentary “Ultimate Guide to All In One Hotel Management Software” to get started.

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