October 10, 2022

Employee Hospitality Training: 5 Ways To Make Your PMS Easier To Use

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


An intelligent property management system (PMS) can lead your hotel to success, but it is crucial for your staff to learn the ins and outs of your system as part of their hospitality training. Training your employees can streamline your operations and provide an elevated customer experience for each and every guest. Below, we’ll discuss the four ways you can train your staff on how to take advantage of all the features and integrations of your robust PMS.


5 Ways To Maximize PMS Hospitality Training for Employees


1. Create How-To Videos

Creating videos for your training program allows you to highlight features, integrations, and tools within your PMS that your employees will be using in their day-to-day operations at your hotel. Research has shown that many employees are responsive to educational videos and prefer visual learning over other methods.

Keep in mind these best practices for creating engaging video content::

  • Keep it short (5-6 minutes)
  • Focus on one component per video
  • Explain as you demonstrate on-screen
  • Keep the format clean and professional

For example, you can walk through how your housekeeping staff can check their schedule through the cloud-based PMS using their mobile device with a quick video that can be watched by members of your staff at their convenience.


2. Teach Your Staff About Integrations

Leverage integrations that keep your daily operations running smoothly. From online payment options to keeping the books, the right cloud-based PMS can be tailored to your business needs.

PMS integration types include:

  • Payment processing
  • Electronic locks
  • Channel managers
  • Accounting
  • Revenue management
  • And much more

For example, once you have trained a senior staff member on how to check for online payments using your integration of choice, they can confidently demonstrate to the rest of their team.


3. Teach Your Staff About Automation

Automation of daily operations is a major trend across industries worldwide. An all-in-one software solution allows for automation of various tasks so your staff can focus on the guest experience instead of manual updates.

Automate Communications

As a part of their training in the hospitality industry, show your employees how to simplify the process of communicating with guests through automated emails. With preset guidelines, your guests will receive relevant information when they need it — without your staff having to send these emails manually. You can use the automation feature for reservation confirmation, current promotional content, and more. 

Automate Reports

When you show your staff how to automate reports, they can proactively target areas of the guest experience that have growth opportunities. For example, you and your team can build custom automated reports that include feedback from relevant surveys in order to find guest pain points and resolve challenges. 

Dynamic Pricing

With the dynamic pricing tool, your staff can prevent pricing errors. Rates will automatically adjust based on preset guidelines to account for current occupancy, holidays, and promotions. With the right integrations, your rates will automatically adjust across OTA platforms, saving your staff valuable time and maximizing your reservations.


Chatbots can be used to answer customer queries promptly. If and when needed, your staff can access the history of these conversations to provide additional customer support.


4. Use Your PMS on Mobile Devices

Your staff is on the go constantly. During a hospitality training session, encourage your staff to use the PMS on mobile devices to stay current on the pulse of your hotel. They’ll have access to data in real-time including reservation details, analytics, and guest communications. 

For example, with direct messaging options, employees can view and respond to guest requests without having to run to the nearest computer. 


5. Provide Continuous Training and Support

Technology is constantly evolving, so it’s important that your staff stays current on the latest updates and improvements to your PMS. Continuous training can empower employees to embrace new integrations, streamline their processes, and provide excellent customer service that aligns with the latest trends in the industry.

Consider hosting monthly PMS hotel staff training sessions led by your tech team. In these sessions, employees can provide feedback and ask questions. Your PMS may also provide around-the-clock customer support to allow for seamless daily operations no matter the hour. 


Success With Hospitality Training and an All-in-One PMS 

Hotel management software should be designed with your needs in mind — including the need for a PMS that your staff can easily master with comprehensive hospitality training for all employees. When you and your employees are empowered and supported by numerous management features, tools, and integrations all in one place, you’ll be one step closer to providing a noteworthy guest experience.

To get started finding the right hospitality management system for your business, download your Ultimate Guide to All-in-One Hotel Management Software.


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