February 28, 2023

Using Essential Multi-Property Management Software Tools With Solonis

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


At Solonis, we understand the challenges of owning and managing hotels. Thanks to our extensive hospitality background, we recognize the burdens of managing your staff, budgets, housekeeping, maintenance, event management, and so much more. We know you juggle all of these needs while maintaining an exceptional guest experience and turning a profit.

Things get exponentially more challenging when you are responsible for multiple properties. Fortunately, there are tools that will help you meet your demands and save time.


Solonis Multi-Property Management Software Tools

The most efficient hotel property management software is a cloud-based solution — this is especially true for a multi-property hotelier. In addition to cost savings, guest experience improvements, greater security, and streamlined operations you see with normal hotel property management systems (PMS), Solonis leverages the cloud and enables you to effectively view and work with data for multiple properties.


1. Centralized Access with Solonis Multi-Property Management Software

Solonis’ cloud-based centralized multi-property management dashboard allows you to access all of your properties with one log-in from anywhere and from any device. 

Simply select the specific property and view all of its data, reports, tools, and features. Solonis PMS is also able to provide consolidated reporting and other aggregated information across all properties. In other words, you have both control and flexibility. You can access one or all of your properties while being secure in the knowledge that:

  • You can provision the platform so your managers and staff only have access to the hotel properties and tools you authorize.
  • All data for each property — and the enterprise as a whole — is extremely secure with fewer threats of data breaches.

2. Enterprise Reporting

Business intelligence (BI) is essential for managing a single hotel, but it is even more critical for multi-property operators such as Outrigger Resorts & Hotels, a leading innovator of tourism development who recently announced a partnership with Solonis. Since it was optimized as multi-property management software, Solonis offers comprehensive enterprise reporting providing operational visibility. 

Solonis delivers the BI you need, including automated reports and a custom report builder as well as an open API for integrations with a wide range of platforms. The platform enables you to collect powerful data across your organization and then view that data for individual properties or through consolidated reporting. 

The robust reporting features empower individual property managers to make data-driven decisions while giving you the ability to compare properties, allocate resources properly, and steer your enterprise toward growth.


3. Internet Booking Engine and Channel Manager

Hotels and resorts rely on both direct and indirect bookings. Prominently displaying a “Book Now” button on your website reduces booking fees charged by online travel agencies (OTAs) and other channels. This internet booking engine (IBE) also offers a simplified guest booking experience.

However, multi-property management requires oversight of indirect bookings — a process that can be tedious if your PMS isn’t working for you. With Solonis, you have a robust channel manager that gives you complete control. In one central location, you will be able to connect all booking sites to all of your properties with the flexibility to choose which properties are visible on which OTAs.


4. Dynamic Pricing

The best hotel property management software will include a dynamic pricing engine that enables you to create pricing guidelines according to occupancy, holidays, or season. Rates are then adjusted automatically according to your rules. These rates are updated instantaneously both for direct bookings and across OTAs — helping you avoid costly overbooking mistakes.

Dynamic pricing is even more important when your organization spans multiple hotels or resorts. This real-time pricing is essential so you can keep up with the competition.


Optimize Your Multi-Property Management  with Solonis

When you are ready to streamline operations across all of your hotels or resorts, you will need multi-property management software. We know selecting the right solution can be challenging. 

Compare Solonis with three other PMS' — Cloudbeds, Mews, and Opera — and evaluate other critical features of each platform for yourself. Download The Ultimate Property Management System Comparison Guide.

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