March 13, 2023

3 Key Hotel Housekeeping Software Features

Posted By: Adelle Rodriguez


Efficient housekeeping procedures for your hotel equate to a smoothly operating front desk and a positive guest experience. But how do you keep all of your staff on track? Below, we’ll discuss how to streamline the process with three must-have hotel housekeeping software features.


Hotel Housekeeping Software Benefits for 2023 and Beyond

According to Statista, the hotel and resort industry market size is expected to grow to 1.21 trillion in 2023; a significant increase from the .72 trillion market size of 2021. Standing out from the competition may not be easy if your hotel software lacks the ability to keep up with current technologies.

With the rise in travel and the focus on public health safety post-pandemic, guests will expect cleanliness at every turn. Making sure your housekeeping staff stays on top of every task by utilizing housekeeping software for a streamlined process.


3 Hotel Housekeeping Software Features To Utilize


1. The Housekeeping Dashboard

The right software allows you to access a housekeeping dashboard remotely using a smart device or computer. From anywhere, at any time, you can track housekeeping task progress, manage schedules, and create to-do lists. This includes the ability to see the status of the rooms within your property, so you can use the feature to delegate tasks as necessary to ensure smooth operations around the clock.


2. The Housekeeping Portal

Communication is the key to streamlining operations. That’s why a housekeeping portal is worth its weight in gold. Hotel management and guests can communicate directly with your staff by sending messages through the portal that they can receive instantly on their mobile device or at any communication hub at your hotel — including the front desk. 

This feature of an integrated software platform prevents you from having to use multiple separate applications for managing your team. Housekeeping staff can use the portal to:

  • Time themselves while cleaning rooms
  • Mark tasks as complete
  • Communicate with other staff members
  • View upcoming tasks in real-time

You can customize your housekeeping portal to show your staff what they need to see. This can include lists of responsibilities, training opportunities, and more.


3. Reporting

With a reporting feature, you can find areas of your housekeeping operations that require immediate attention and discover which parts of your operations are streamlined brilliantly. For example, you could create custom reports to pull information such as the number of rooms each day that were cleaned in time for guest check-in vs. the number of rooms that were not ready. 

Armed with this information, you can make data-backed decisions to improve housekeeping operations one report at a time. You can also automate reports to receive valuable data in your inbox and to share with key stakeholders when discussing budgeting and other needs.


Integrated Hotel Housekeeping Software Uplifts Hospitality Technology 2023

Hotel technology trends for 2023 are here. Innovative housekeeping software can help you meet guest expectations while invigorating your staff and solidifying the reputation of your brand. But first? You have to know what those hotel technology trends are, and how you can best incorporate them into a winning business strategy.

The Solonis Hospitality Technology ebook includes:

  • Current trends in the industry
  • Cloud-based management system tips
  • Staff training recommendations
  • Hotel online marketing strategies
  • Guest communication with technology 

To modernize all aspects of your hotel and meet guest expectations, read the Hospitality Technology ebook. 

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